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Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is one of the BMW 325IS parts that reduce the harmful emissions produced by the process of internal combustion. It treats exhaust gases before they exit out the tailpipe with a catalyst. This device resembles a honeycomb, which is coated with platinum and palladium (which is one reason why they tend to be expensive). This platinum catalyst breaks the molecular bonds of the compounds that cause acid rain and toxic smog - carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide – and converts it into CO2 and water vapor.

Now, if your BMW’s engine is out of tune, or running too "rich," drops of unburned fuel may wind up being passed into the exhaust system. In the old days, this unburned fuel would sometimes explode in the tailpipe, creating a backfire. Today, this could cause major damage to the BMW 325IS that make up your exhaust system. Unburned gasoline can burn up in the catalyst itself, melting its components and causing it to clog. Without these vital BMW parts, vehicle performance will be reduced significantly. There's a simple method for checking your catalytic converter; remove the old oxygen sensor and exhaust pipe. Next, rev the engine to 4000 RPM and listen for a whistling sound, which will tell you that the device is blocked. A catalytic converter can be expensive, and a genuine BMW unit can cost even more. However, there are discount BMW 325IS parts available from reputable German companies that manufacture these units and other important BMW parts, that sell for substantially less.

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BMW 325IS > BMW 325IS Valve/Rocker Spring; Inner; Intake/Exhaust; 20.1mm Diameter
 Part # 11341706584
1988 BMW 325IS Valve/Rocker Spring; Inner; Intake/Exhaust; 20.1mm Diameter
Genuine BMW
BMW 325IS > BMW 325IS Brake Pad Set; Front; OE Supplier Compound
 Part # BP781
1994 BMW 325IS Brake Pad Set; Front; OE Supplier Compound
Bosch QuietCast
BMW 325IS > BMW 325is Engine Cooling Fan Switch
 Part # 61311378073MY
1992 BMW 325is Engine Cooling Fan Switch

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