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Peruse our tech articles for information on any problems you may be having. All of our BMW 535I parts come with at least a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. We stock BMW 535I parts for you so you can get them quickly. Order today. We have staff dedicated to helping you order BMW 535I parts from our website. Use our accurate and secure online shopping system. Make sure to read any BMW 535I parts notes when searching through our catalog. We cannot afford to shop out anything less than the best because we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Is your BMW 535I passing bad gas? Rather than emitting colorless, odorless emission typical of a healthy vehicle, is it belching thick, black, toxic smoke with the sulphurous scent of an oil refining operation? This can be the symptom of many different ailments, but it may be due to a defective oxygen sensor. This is one of those relatively minor, yet important BMW 535I parts. Don’t discount BMW 535I parts’ importance simply because they are small and inexpensive; these little details make a great difference when it comes to performance.

Many BMW 535I parts – including a good working oxygen sensor - are vital not only to managing your vehicle's emissions, but play important roles in maintaining overall vehicle health. The oxygen sensor is among those BMW 535I parts that make up your modern vehicle's high-tech fuel and exhaust systems. These BMW parts work together as a unit in order to make the most efficient use of every drop of gasoline. In some ways, the oxygen, or O2 sensor performs the same function as the choke knob on older cars. The fuel/air ratio must be adjusted for different driving conditions. Colder engines require a "richer" mixture with more fuel, when running under a heavy load, or climbing a hill. When the engine is warm and travelling over level ground, it can operate on a very lean mixture. By measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases, O2 sensor is able to send an electronic signal to the fuel injectors, which in turn make adjustments.

Listed are just a few of the many BMW 535I parts we carry online:
BMW 535I > BMW 535i A/C Condenser
 Part # 64531382291A
1992 BMW 535i A/C Condenser
BMW 535I > BMW 535I Timing Chain; Single Row with Master Link
 Part # 11311716986
1990 BMW 535I Timing Chain; Single Row with Master Link
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