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We want everyone to be able to enjoy warehouse direct pricing on BMW 540 auto parts. Stop waiting 4-6 weeks for credits for returns, we usually credit your account within days of receiving your return. Not only do we have BMW 540 parts, we also carry parts for a variety of other automobiles. We have been selling BMW 540 parts for nearly 30 years. Our website never sleeps, so you can order auto parts whenever. We keep all your information strictly private. Our secure server uses ssl, the industry standard encryption, which lets you know we care about protection your info when you order BMW 540 auto parts from us.

Back in the days when woolly mammoths walked the land and men dressed in animal skins hunted them with stone-tipped spears, automobile engines used a temperamental device called a "carburetor." Its purpose was to mix fuel and air into a form that could be burned in the cylinders. They weren’t particularly efficient at this task, and a lot of fuel was wasted unnecessarily.

It actually takes very little fuel - as little as 10 milligrams per combustion stroke – to run the engine of your BMW 540. The fuel injector (called einspritz, or “one-squirt” in German) is one of the most important BMW 540 parts of the fuel delivery system. Far more efficient than the carburetion systems of the automotive dark ages. Fuel injectors work in tandem with other BMW 540 parts to deliver precise amounts of fuel to the combustion chamber. The BMW parts that make up this remarkable vehicle’s fuel system enable the vehicle to travel up to 60% farther on a gallon of gas than comparable vehicles with carbureted engines. Like many BMW 540 parts, a fuel injector is a precision piece of equipment that can be fouled by the smallest speck of dirt. It’s not a bad idea to carry a spare injector or two in your car's emergency kit. You know that BMW parts are notoriously expensive, but with a bit of detective work, it’s possible to get what you need at a discount. BMW parts that you purchase should be of high quality, however for best results.

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