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With today’s fuel prices, you naturally want to squeeze every possible mile out of every precious drop. To continue to enjoy maximum fuel economy however, proper maintenance is required with the proper BMW 545I parts. Any engine that is badly or irregularly maintained will waste fuel, costing you extra money with every fill-up – and you'll probably wind up spending more time and money on repairs that might have been avoided.

BMW parts such as fuel injectors can get fouled, while carbon deposits build up on the valves, preventing them from operating properly. Occasionally, unburned fuel can burn up in the exhaust components and cause damage to your oxygen sensor, catalytic converter and muffler. When these BMW 545I parts are not serviced or changed as needed, power loss can be the result. Sometimes, it’s the small BMW parts that make the most difference. For example, the air filter is one of those discount BMW 545I parts that seems small and insignificant, but it is very important to the overall health of the fuel system. Dirt and dust entering the intake system can cause foul the valves and small scratches on the cylinder walls. These add up over time, and cause oil burning and compression loss. A dirty air filter literally "chokes" the engine, keeping the fuel mixture from getting enough air, causing the engine to run "rich." This is one of the BMW 545I parts that should be changed once a year or every 10-12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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Browsing our BMW 545I parts catalog can save you a lot of money in the long run on BMW 545I parts:
BMW 545I > BMW 545I Thermostat; With Seal
 Part # 11537502779
2005 BMW 545I Thermostat; With Seal
BMW 545I > BMW 545I Brake Pad Set; Rear; OE Supplier Compound
 Part # BP919
2005 BMW 545I Brake Pad Set; Rear; OE Supplier Compound
Bosch QuietCast
BMW 545I > BMW 545I Brake Disc/Brake Rotor; Rear; 345x24mm
 Part # 34216763827
2005 BMW 545I Brake Disc/Brake Rotor; Rear; 345x24mm
Zimmermann Coat Z
BMW 545I > BMW 545I Spark Plug; Platinum+4; FGR7DQP+
 Part # 4417
2004 BMW 545I Spark Plug; Platinum+4; FGR7DQP+

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