Pamper & Protect Your Car With These
Luxurious Car Care Products

Professional Cleaning & Polishing 

Since it's beginning in 1949, SONAX has been one of the most successful carcare brands worldwide. It is the leading Car Care brand in Europe with over 40% of their market, and stands for the highest quality standards and consistantly demands excellence in their products. Through research and development, SONAX creates and manufactures an array of products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Renowned German Brand for Cleaning, Polishing, Shining & Protecting Interior/Exterior Car Surfaces

Since 1936, einszett has been known for outstanding quality and cost-efficient car care products. The cost-efficiency of einszett products is based on their high concentration, providing high dilution rates. einszett car care products complement each other and, when used together as part of a complete car care program, will help you maintain the value of your car. With their environmentally safe formulations and high concentrations, they are the perfect solution to cleaning, shining and protecting your car.

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Consolidated Manufacturer of Multiple Car Care Brands to Fit Every Need

Founded in 1982, Carrand brings 25 years of solutions to the marketplace. Carrand's mission is changing the way cleaning tools are used by understanding the consumer's need for innovation, design and functionality. This understanding is partnered with an emphasis and commitment to quality. Carrand companies' long-term success has marked them as the industry leader in the cleaning solutions industry.

As a leading consumer products company, Carrand designs, engineers, markets and distributes a full line of cleaning tools under a number of well-recognized brand names, including:

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Feel The Luxury - Microfiber MAX Towels, Applicators, Sponges & Dusters

AutoSpa, a division of Carrand, offers a unique, luxurious line of microfiber products for shining, buffing, applying and drying car surfaces. Their unique Microfiber Max is evident in the plush, super soft feel. A definite MUST HAVE in your repertoire of detailing products.

Specialty Line of Wipes and Brushes for Exterior Surfaces

CleanMate, a division of Carrand, produces a line of unique tire wipes and brushes designed to help keep interior and exterior surfaces clean and protected.

Specialty Line of Brushes with Ergonomic Handles

GripTech is another division of Carrand. It's soft bristled brushes with ergonomically designed handles make it super easy and comfortable to detail your car.

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