Auto Repair Advice & Technical Tips For Import Cars

Auto repairs are expensive and they seem to be particularly high for import cars.
That's why auto repair advice for do-it-yourselfers is critical to help reduce auto repair bills.
Here are some auto repair topics you may want to review to help you keep your auto repair costs down.

Auto Repair #1:

Brake Repairs Needed? Don't Take Chances with Your Brakes - Repair Them Now

Auto Repair #2:

Cooling System Repairs: It's Easy to Prevent Breakdowns BEFORE They Happen

Auto Repair #3:

Fuel Pumps & Fuel Injection Repairs

Auto Repair #4:

Troubleshooting Noises Coming From Your Import Car
(Is Your Car Trying to Tell You Something?)

Auto Repair #5:

Engine Knock? Low Oil Pressure? How To Diagnose Needed Repairs

Auto Repair #6:

Use These Tips When Shopping for Auto Parts & Save Big $$ on Auto Repairs

Auto Repair #7:

Tuneup & Auto Maintenance Tips to Lengthen Your Import Car's Life

Auto Repair #8:

Replacing Wiper Blades Regularly Saves Lives & Windshields

Auto Repair #9:

Understanding Your Import Car's Electrical System

Auto Repair #10:

Oxygen Sensors Are Critical Key to Passing Emissions

Auto Repair #11:

Know Your VIN & Get Exactly the RIGHT Auto Repair Parts Every Time

Auto Repair #12:

Perform Monthly Car Maintenance & Keep Auto Repair Costs Way Down

Auto Repair #13:

Spark Your Car's Performance - Use the Proper Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wires

Auto Repair #14:

Top Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency - How to Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage

Auto Repair #15:

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Provide Cleanest Windshields Ever

Auto Repair #16:

Steering Systems and Suspension Systems - How to Maintain & Repair Them

Auto Repair #17:

Gas Pump Tricks You Can Use to Save Money on Fuel

Auto Repair #18:

Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

Auto Repair #19:

Global Environmental Laws Limit Spare Parts Availability

Auto Repair #20:

Ignoring Regular Timing Belt Replacement Can Spell Disaster For Your Car's Engine

Auto Repair #21:

Would YOUR Car Pass the Safety Checklist?

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Don't Forget:

Repair articles are added regularly.
Come back often to check for new maintenance topics.

These repair tips are designed only as a starting point.
Please seek the assistance of a professional mechanic
for all repair problems beyond your capabilities.

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