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Does your Hyundai Excel have fuel injectors or a carburettor? This depends on the year it was built. The first models that came out in 1985 had the latter; fuel injection was standard on all production vehicles after 1991. For all their complexity, those Hyundai Excel parts known as fuel injectors are far more efficient at the job of fuel delivery than the old-fashioned carburettor.

If your vehicle has a carburetted fuel system, some of the Hyundai Excel parts you’ll need in order to service the unit include the float and the needle valve. These devices are much simpler than fuel injectors, and can be rebuilt and serviced relatively easily. The drawback is of course that these discount Hyundai Excel parts are not terribly efficient when compared to modern fuel delivery systems. The Hyundai parts known as fuel injectors, on the other hand do an excellent job of providing exactly the right amount of fuel under all road conditions. They don’t do this by themselves; they depend on several other Hyundai Excel parts and components used in the fuel system. One of these Hyundai parts is actually located in the exhaust system. This is the oxygen, or O2 sensor. This device measures the amount of oxygen in exhaust gases. Based on this data, the fuel injectors adjust the fuel mixture for optimal mileage. The drawback of the fuel injector is its complexity; they can be easily damaged, and are typically more replaceable than repairable. Keeping the fuel filter changed will protect these delicate devices.

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Hyundai Excel > Hyundai Excel Engine Timing Belt Tensioner
 Part # MD030605A
1994 Hyundai Excel Engine Timing Belt Tensioner
Hyundai Excel > Hyundai Excel Windshield Wiper Blade
 Part # 41918
1994 Hyundai Excel Windshield Wiper Blade
Bosch Excel+
Hyundai Excel > Hyundai Excel Windshield Wiper Blade
 Part # 47718
1993 Hyundai Excel Windshield Wiper Blade
Bosch Winter
Hyundai Excel > Hyundai Excel Steering Tie Rod Assembly
 Part # 5654021010
1988 Hyundai Excel Steering Tie Rod Assembly

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