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The Volkswagen Thing started out as a military vehicle designed for the European market. Volkswagen executives saw that many Beetles were being modified for sand buggies, not to mention that Mexican drivers said they needed a more rugged version of the Beetle to take on some of their rougher roads. They created a civilian version of its Type 181, christened it the Thing, and offered it for sale for only two years (1972-1974). The car didn’t meet higher US safety standards and was dropped from the sales lineup in America, although it continued to sell in Mexico for many years.

So, what’s out there for you when it comes to discount Volkswagen Thing parts? There are four general categories of Volkswagen Thing parts. Local salvage yards are a good source of used parts. These are generally the cheapest option, but also the riskiest, since the quality can range from excellent to terrible. There is another difficulty in using used Thing parts. There weren’t as many Things sold as some of the more popular models, so there are fewer cars to scavenge from. Reconditioned Volkswagen Thing parts start out as used parts, but are rebuilt to original performance specifications.

On occasion, you may come across reproduction parts when you are looking for discount Volkswagen Thing parts. Often sheet metal or interior trim parts, they are built to match the original installed parts. The final category you may come across is original parts. These are brand new parts, sometimes still made by the original factory equipment maker.

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Volkswagen Thing > VW THING Wheel Bearing
 Part # 311405625F
1974 VW THING Wheel Bearing
Uro Parts
Volkswagen Thing > VW THING Brake Drum; Front; 5 Lug
 Part # 131405615A
1973 VW THING Brake Drum; Front; 5 Lug
Volkswagen Thing > VW Thing Engine Oil Pump
 Part # 111115107ABR
1973 VW Thing Engine Oil Pump

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