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If one was to compare an automobile and all of its systems to the human body, the exhaust system would be analogous to the intestines. Its job is to get rid of waste products, and there are several BMW 540I parts that comprise your vehicle’s exhaust system.

When the gas-fuel mixture is burned in the cylinder, it produces the power stroke, which pushes the piston downwards. The trip back up is called the exhaust stroke. A valve opens in the cylinder head, and the waste gases are pushed out into the exhaust manifold. This is the first of the BMW 540I parts through which exhaust gases are processed. The exhaust gases travel past an oxygen sensor, which measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, and signals the fuel injectors to adjust the fuel mixture accordingly. The importance of the oxygen sensor is something you shouldn’t discount. BMW 540I parts such as this allow your vehicle to run much more economically, using only as much fuel as it requires. Some signs of a defective oxygen sensor include increased fuel consumption and unusually foul smelling exhaust. Once past the oxygen sensor, these gases pass into the catalytic converter, where toxic elements such as hydrocarbons and are removed. The last of these BMW parts through which the exhaust passes before exiting out the tailpipe is the muffler. Today’s muffler is far more durable than those of thirty and forty years ago, and less subject to rust-out. It also does a better job in keeping your BMW running quietly.

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