0002950050 ATE Brake Master Cylinder Grommet; Brake Fluid Reservoir to Brake Master Cylinder; Large Type 12mm ID
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ATE Brake Master Cylinder Grommet; Brake Fluid Reservoir to Brake Master Cylinder; Large Type 12mm ID

P/N: 0002950050 ATE
Cross References:
  • 0004310950
  • 113611817A
  • 1221713
  • 34311116692
  • 34311160133
  • 34311163464
  • 357611817
  • 390090
  • 91135592200
  • W01331643032
Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW
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2 per car.
The ATE brand has long been known on European vehicles as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for all parts of the braking systems. From brakes pads and rotors to calipers, master cylinders, and brake servos, the ATE-Teves name goes back nearly 100 years.
Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This ATE Brake Master Cylinder Grommet Fits?

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MY88-92 - 80 Quattro
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