211405645D FAG Wheel Bearing
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FAG Wheel Bearing

P/N: 211405645D FAG
Cross References:
  • 031733075
  • 103117
  • 181584
  • 1815845
  • 31211468888
  • 31212634103
  • 32212634103
  • 443505509
  • 8531105875
  • 91052671004
  • 91052671008
  • 99905906500
  • BR2
  • KLM11949LM11910
  • KLM11949LM11910B
  • W01331834162
Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi & more
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2 per car.
The FAG brand (Fischer’s Automatische Gussstahlkugelfabrik) has been around for over 100 years manufacturing bearings. As your vehicle rolls down the road, having high quality wheel bearings is critical to maintaining safety and the quality of the ride. Many newer vehicles have bearings as part of the hub assembly, if so FAG supplies that assembly with the bearing already installed. The FAG wheel bearings are all manufactured to OE specifications for an exact fit to give you years of continued ride quality.
Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
All parts are priced individually unless identified as a set or kit. "Per car" notes identify how many of a given part your car has and "Left/Right or Front/Rear" notes means the part fits the left or right side of the car. These parts are still sold individually and you'll need to select the appropriate quantity if you plan to replace more than one of this item.

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What This FAG Wheel Bearing Fits?

Application information below is for reference only and should not be used to determine the exact vehicle fitment. Please use the "Make Sure It Fits" vehicle selection box above to determine the exact fitment and review any application notes. If you need any help determining if this part works with your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MY89-94 - 100 Base, CS, E, S
MY89-91 - 200
MY78-88 - 5000 Base, CS Turbo, S, S Turbo, Turbo
MY88-92 - 80
MY88-95 - 90 Base, CS, S, Sport
MY96-99 - A4 Base, Avant, Turbo
MY00-01 - A4
Rear Outer
MY95-97 - A6
MY94-98 - Cabriolet
MY71-74 - 2002tii
For Tii models only.
MY69-71 - 2500
MY69-74 - 2800
MY71-71 - 2800 Bavaria
MY69-71 - 2800CS
MY72-74 - 3.0 Bavaria
MY71-74 - 3.0CS
MY71-74 - 3.0CSi
MY71-74 - 3.0S
MY71-76 - 3.0Si
MY77-78 - 320i
MY79-79 - 320i
For models with production date through 8/1979.
MY79-81 - 528i
MY75-78 - 530i
MY77-77 - 630CSi
MY78-78 - 633CSi
For models with production date through 5/1978.
MY76-85 - Accord Base, LX, S, SE, SEi
Rear Outer
MY80-83 - Civic Base, 1300, 1300 DX, 1300 FE, 1500 & more
Rear Outer
MY79-87 - Prelude Base, 2.0 Si
Rear Outer
MY91-91 - Sonata Base, GLS
Rear Outer ~ To 5/10/91
MY89-90 - Sonata Base, GLS
Rear Outer ~ w/ Rear Drum
MY90-92 - M30
Front Outer
MY88-03 - Vanden Plas Base, Majestic, SC
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY70-71 - XJ
Front Outer
MY94-96 - XJ12
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY72-77 - XJ6 Base, C, L
Front Outer
MY88-97 - XJ6 Base, L, Sovereign
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY98-03 - XJ8 Base, L, Sport
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY95-02 - XJR Base, 100
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY93-96 - XJS Base, 2+2
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY97-06 - XK8 Base, Victory Edition
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY00-06 - XKR Base, 100, Silverstone, Victory Edition
Rear Lower Outer ~ Bottom of Bearing Carrier
MY03-05 - Rio Base, Cinco
Rear Outer
MY02-02 - Rio Base, Cinco
Rear Outer ~ From 6/22/02
MY86-89 - 323 Base, DX, LX, SE
Rear Outer
MY79-81 - 626 Base, LX
Front Outer ~ Bearing Set
MY82-82 - 626 Base, LX
Front Outer ~ Bearing Set To 9/82
Rear Outer ~ Bearing Set From 10/82
MY83-86 - 626 Base, DX, GT, LX
Rear Outer ~ Bearing Set
MY87-87 - 626 DX, GT, LX
Rear Outer ~ Bearing Set To 4/87
MY75-77 - 808
Front Outer
MY94-09 - B2300 Base, SE, SX
Front Outer
MY95-96 - B2300 RWD
Front Outer
MY98-01 - B2500 SE, SX, Troy Lee
Front Outer
MY94-07 - B3000 Base, DS, SE, SX, Troy Lee
Front Outer
MY94-94 - B3000 4WD
Front Outer
MY94-05 - B3000 RWD Base, SE, SE RWD
Front Outer
MY01-04 - B4000 DS
Front Outer
MY96-00 - B4000 RWD LE, SE
Front Outer
MY76-77 - Mizer
Front Outer
MY92-94 - Navajo RWD DX, LX
Front Outer
MY76-77 - Rotary Pickup
Front Outer
MY76-78 - RX-3 Base, SP
Front Outer
MY76-78 - RX-4
Front Outer
MY63-65 - 190C
Front Outer
MY63-65 - 190DC
Front Outer
MY66-67 - 200
Front Outer
MY66-67 - 200D
Front Outer
MY68-73 - 220
Front Outer
MY69-73 - 220D
Front Outer
MY60-65 - 220S
Front Outer ~ 111.012 From 049856
MY66-67 - 230S
Front Outer
MY63-66 - 230SL
Front Outer
MY74-76 - 240D
Front Outer
MY68-72 - 250
Front Outer
MY71-72 - 250C
Front Outer
MY66-67 - 250S
Front Outer
MY66-67 - 250SE
Front Outer
MY67-67 - 250SL
Front Outer
MY87-89 - 260E
Front Outer
MY73-76 - 280
Front Outer
MY73-76 - 280C
Front Outer
MY68-71 - 280S
Front Outer
MY89-90 - Sigma
Rear Outer
MY83-89 - Starion Base, ES, ESi, ESi-R, LE & more
Front Outer
MY77-88 - 200SX Base, SE, Turbo, XE
Front Outer
MY70-73 - 240Z
Front Outer
MY75-78 - 280Z Base, 2+2
Front Outer
MY79-83 - 280ZX Base, 2+2, 2+2 GL, 2+2 Turbo, GL & more
Front Outer
MY84-88 - 300ZX Base, 2+2, Turbo
Front Outer
MY89-89 - 300ZX Base, 2+2, Turbo
Front Outer ~ To 1/89
MY79-82 - 310 Deluxe, GX
Rear Outer
MY78-81 - 510
Front Outer
MY75-76 - 610
Front Outer
MY74-74 - 610
Front Outer ~ From 8/74
MY74-77 - 710
Front Outer
MY77-81 - 810 Base, DX
Front Outer
MY76-78 - B210
Front Outer
MY75-75 - B210
Front Outer ~ From 8/75
MY76-78 - F10
Rear Outer
MY82-83 - Maxima GL
Front Outer
MY84-84 - Maxima GL
Front Outer ~ To 6/84
MY85-87 - Maxima GL, GXE, SE
Rear Outer
MY88-88 - Maxima GXE, SE
Rear Outer ~ From 8/88
MY64-64 - 356C
MY65-65 - 356C
Front Outer
MY64-65 - 356SC
Front Outer
MY65-91 - 911 Base, + Carrera, Carrera, Carrera 4 (964), Carrera Turbo & more
MY65-76 - 912 Base, E
MY70-71 - 914 6
MY72-72 - 914
Front Outer ~ 2.0L
MY80-88 - 924 S, Turbo
MY77-82 - 924
For models with 5 bolt vented front rotors and rear discs.
MY83-86 - 944 Base, Turbo
MY76-81 - Celica GT, ST, Supra
Front Outer
MY75-75 - Celica GT, ST
Front Outer ~ From 10/75
MY82-84 - Celica GT, GTS, ST
Front Outer ~ L4
MY85-85 - Celica GT, GTS, ST
Front Outer ~ L4 To 7/85
MY77-82 - Corona Custom, DLX, LE, SR5
Front Outer
MY75-76 - Corona Base, DLX, SR5
Front Outer ~ L4
MY78-87 - Cressida Base, Luxury
Front Outer
MY75-76 - Mark II
Front Outer
MY68-74 - 142 Base, E, GL, S
Front Outer
MY67-74 - 144 Base, GL, S
Front Outer
MY68-74 - 145 Base, S
Front Outer
MY69-75 - 164 Base, E, S
Front Outer
MY75-80 - 242 Base, DL, GL
Front Outer
MY75-80 - 244 Base, DL, GL
Front Outer
MY75-80 - 245 Base, DL
Front Outer
MY76-80 - 262 Base, C, GL
Front Outer
MY76-80 - 264 GL, GLE
Front Outer
MY76-80 - 265 Base, GL, GLE
Front Outer
MY64-79 - Bus, Camp, Transport
MY65-65 - Transporter
Front Outer
MY80-83 - Vanagon Base, Diesel, Water-Cooled
MY84-84 - Vanagon Base, Diesel
Front Outer ~ To 11/83
MY83-83 - Vanagon Air-Cooled
For models with production date through 11/1983.