9091902113A Facet Ignition Coil
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Facet Ignition Coil

P/N: 9091902113A Facet
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Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota
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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This Facet Ignition Coil Fits?

Application information below is for reference only and should not be used to determine the exact vehicle fitment. Please use the "Make Sure It Fits" vehicle selection box above to determine the exact fitment and review any application notes. If you need any help determining if this part works with your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MY83-89 - Impulse Base, SE
MY87-87 - Pickup DLX
Fuel Type: GAS
MY87-87 - Pickup 4WD Base, LS
Fuel Type: GAS
MY87-87 - Pickup RWD Base, LS
Fuel Type: GAS
MY83-83 - Cordia Base, L, LS
MY84-88 - Cordia Turbo
MY83-83 - Mighty Max
MY83-83 - Mighty Max 4WD S, SP, SPX
MY83-83 - Mighty Max RWD S, SP, SPX
MY85-88 - Mirage Turbo
MY83-83 - Montero
MY83-88 - Starion Base, ES, ESi, ESi-R, LE & more
MY89-89 - Starion ESi-R
MY83-83 - Tredia Base, L, LS
MY85-85 - Tredia Turbo
MY84-88 - Tredia Turbo
L4 Turbo
MY78-79 - 200SX
MY80-81 - 200SX
Exc. Calif
MY79-82 - 210 Base, Deluxe, MPG
MY78-78 - 280Z Base, 2+2
MY79-83 - 280ZX Base, 2+2, 2+2 GL, 2+2 Turbo, GL & more
MY79-81 - 310 Deluxe, GX
MY68-79 - 510
MY80-80 - 510
Non Calif.
MY75-79 - 620
MY76-77 - 620
Non Calif.
MY80-80 - 720
MY80-80 - 720 4WD Deluxe
MY80-80 - 720 RWD Deluxe
MY78-81 - 810 Base, DX
MY77-77 - 810
Calif. From 8/77
Non Calif. To 7/77
MY78-78 - B210
MY75-76 - B210
MY78-78 - F10
MY82-84 - Maxima GL
MY77-77 - DL 4WD
MY77-77 - DL FWD
MY77-77 - GF
MY77-77 - Standard
MY86-87 - 4Runner DLX, SR5
MY88-89 - 4Runner DLX, SR5
MY85-85 - 4Runner SR5
Turbo L4
MY90-92 - 4Runner 4WD SR5
MY90-92 - 4Runner RWD SR5
MY79-79 - Celica Supra
MY76-76 - Celica GT, ST
MY84-84 - Celica GT, GTS, ST
MY85-85 - Celica GT, GTS, ST
L4 To 7/85
MY83-83 - Celica GT, GTS
L4; Fuel Delivery Type: FI
MY80-80 - Celica GT, ST
Non Calif. L4 To 8/80; Fuel Delivery Type: CARB
MY81-81 - Celica Supra
To 7/81
MY86-86 - Corolla Sport GTS
Body Type: Coupe; Cylinder Head Type: DOHC; Fuel Delivery Type: FI
MY85-85 - Corolla Sport GTS
Body Type: Coupe; Cylinder Head Type: DOHC; Fuel Delivery Type: FI; Fuel Type: GAS
MY87-88 - Corolla FX16, FX16 GTS
Cylinder Head Type: DOHC; Fuel Delivery Type: FI
MY87-87 - Corolla Sport GTS
To 7/87; Body Type: Coupe; Cylinder Head Type: DOHC; Fuel Delivery Type: FI
MY76-76 - Corona Base, DLX, SR5
Calif. L4
MY80-80 - Corona DLX, LE
Non Calif.
MY80-81 - Cressida Base, Luxury