V172 Standard PCV Valve
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Standard PCV Valve

P/N: V172 Standard
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac
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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
All parts are priced individually unless identified as a set or kit. "Per car" notes identify how many of a given part your car has and "Left/Right or Front/Rear" notes means the part fits the left or right side of the car. These parts are still sold individually and you'll need to select the appropriate quantity if you plan to replace more than one of this item.

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What This Standard PCV Valve Fits?

Application information below is for reference only and should not be used to determine the exact vehicle fitment. Please use the "Make Sure It Fits" vehicle selection box above to determine the exact fitment and review any application notes. If you need any help determining if this part works with your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MY73-73 - Apollo
MY74-74 - Apollo
w/ Straight Type
MY76-81 - Century Base, Custom, Estate, Limited, Special & more
MY80-80 - Century Estate, Limited RWD, RWD, Sport RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY78-79 - Century Custom, Limited, Special, Sport
Transmission Control Type: Manual
MY75-79 - Century Base, Custom, Custom RWD, Limited, Limited RWD & more
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY80-84 - Electra Limited, Park Avenue
MY76-85 - LeSabre Base, Collector's Edition, Custom, Limited, Limited Edition F/E & more
MY79-80 - LeSabre Base, Limited, Sport
Engine VIN: A
MY78-78 - LeSabre Base, Custom
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY76-87 - Regal Base, Estate Wagon, Grand National, Limited, Limited RWD & more
MY79-79 - Regal Limited RWD, RWD, Sport
Engine VIN: A
MY80-82 - Regal Base, Estate Wagon, Limited, Sport
MY78-79 - Regal Base, Limited
Transmission Control Type: Manual
MY75-75 - Regal
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY78-78 - Regal Base, Limited, Sport
w/ Calif. Emissions; Engine VIN: A
MY81-85 - Riviera Base, Limited Edition, Luxury, T-Type, XX Anniversary Edition
MY82-84 - Riviera Base, Luxury, T-Type
w/ Straight Type
MY76-80 - Skyhawk Base, Designers' Accent Edition, Road Hawk, S
MY80-81 - DeVille Base, Cabriolet, d'Elegance
MY82-82 - DeVille Base, Cabriolet, d'Elegance
Fuel Delivery Type: CARB
MY81-81 - Eldorado Base, Biarritz, Brougham d'Elegance, Cabriolet
MY82-82 - Eldorado Base, Biarritz, Cabriolet, Touring
Fuel Delivery Type: CARB
MY80-81 - Fleetwood Brougham, Brougham d'Elegance
MY82-82 - Fleetwood Brougham, Brougham d'Elegance
Fuel Delivery Type: CARB
MY81-81 - Seville Base, Elegante
MY82-82 - Seville Base, Elegante
Fuel Delivery Type: CARB
MY73-73 - Bel Air
MY73-73 - Blazer
MY73-73 - C10 Pickup
MY73-73 - C10 Suburban
MY73-73 - C20 Pickup
MY73-73 - C20 Suburban
MY73-73 - C30 Pickup
MY73-73 - Camaro RS RWD, RWD
MY81-81 - Camaro Berlinetta RWD, Sport RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY80-84 - Caprice Classic Estate RWD, Classic Landau RWD, Classic RWD, Classic Sport RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY73-73 - Chevelle Deluxe RWD
MY73-79 - El Camino Custom RWD, Royal Knight RWD, RWD
MY80-84 - El Camino Conquista RWD, Royal Knight RWD, RWD, SS, SS RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY78-78 - El Camino Base, Conquista
w/ Calif. Emissions; Transmission Control Type: Automatic
w/ Calif. Emissions; Transmission Control Type: Manual
MY73-73 - G10 Van Base, Sportvan
MY73-73 - G20 Van Base, Sportvan
MY73-73 - G30 Van Base, Sportvan
MY73-73 - Impala
MY80-84 - Impala Estate RWD, RWD, Sport RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY73-73 - C15/C1500 Pickup
MY73-73 - C15/C1500 Suburban
MY73-73 - C25/C2500 Pickup
MY73-73 - C25/C2500 Suburban
MY73-73 - C35/C3500 Pickup
MY81-84 - Caballero Amarillo, Amarillo RWD, Conquista RWD, Diablo RWD, Royal Knight RWD & more
Engine VIN: A
MY73-73 - Jimmy
MY73-73 - K15/K1500 Pickup
MY73-73 - K15/K1500 Suburban
MY73-73 - K25/K2500 Pickup
MY73-73 - K25/K2500 Suburban
MY73-73 - K35/K3500 Pickup
MY81-83 - 98 Luxury, Regency, Regency Brougham
MY77-81 - Cutlass Base, Brougham, Colonnade, Colonnade S, LS & more
MY78-78 - Cutlass Vista Cruiser
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY79-84 - Cutlass Calais Base, Hurst, RWD
MY78-78 - Cutlass Calais
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY80-81 - Cutlass Cruiser Base, Brougham
MY79-87 - Cutlass Salon Base, Brougham, RWD
MY78-78 - Cutlass Salon Base, Brougham
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY77-87 - Cutlass Supreme Base, 442, Brougham, Brougham RWD, Colonnade & more
MY78-78 - Cutlass Supreme Base, Brougham
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY77-85 - Delta 88 Base, Holiday, Royale, Royale Brougham, Royale Brougham LS & more
MY78-78 - Delta 88 Base, Royale
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY73-79 - Omega Base, Brougham, Brougham LS, Deluxe, F85 & more
MY78-78 - Omega Base, Brougham, Brougham LS, SX
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY76-80 - Starfire Base, Firenza, Firenza RWD, GT, GT RWD & more
MY75-78 - Starfire Base, Firenza, GT, S, SX
w/ Calif. Emissions
MY81-84 - Toronado Brougham
MY80-86 - Bonneville Base, Brougham, LE
MY77-81 - Catalina Base, RWD
MY80-80 - Catalina
Engine VIN: A
MY73-81 - Firebird Base, Esprit, Formula, RWD
MY77-79 - Grand LeMans Base, RWD, Safari, Safari RWD
MY81-81 - Grand LeMans Base, Safari
Engine VIN: A
MY78-87 - Grand Prix Base, Brougham, LE, LJ, LJ RWD & more
MY73-77 - LeMans Base, RWD, Safari RWD, Sport, Sport RWD
MY80-81 - LeMans Base, RWD, Safari, Safari RWD
Engine VIN: A
MY84-84 - Parisienne Base, Brougham
MY77-79 - Phoenix Base, LJ, SJ
MY76-80 - Sunbird Base, RWD, Safari, SJ
MY73-77 - Ventura Base, Custom, SJ