The Mod Squad: 4 Tuner Cars That Are Perfect for Modifying

The Mod Squad: 4 Tuner Cars That Are Perfect for Modifying

At AutohausAZ, we celebrate car owners who like to go above and beyond for their care as well as the customization of their vehicles. A car is so much more than just a way to get from place to place. It’s an extension of your personality. Why not drive a vehicle that showcases your unique style and your passion for the finer things in life?

This blog is a salute to tuners, or cars that adapt well to custom modifications, and the people who love them. Whether it’s upgrading an engine with special “fixins” or stripping the metal exterior and scrapping it for something that’s totally your own, tuners are the ultimate chameleons of cars.

If you’re into luxury tuners, below are four vehicles that are perfect for modifying!

Volkswagen Beetle

Tripping out a VW Beetle is a no-brainer. This car has been around forever with mass production throughout its 50+ years, so finding parts for customization is a dream. Options include ramping up your VW Beetle into a dragster or creating a Baja beach buggy that cruises the coast. No matter what, your VW Beetle will be a head-turning with plenty of swagger.

BMW 3-Series (E30)

The E30-generation 3-Series is like a blank canvas ready for your creative touch. It’s the perfect platform for a custom build. A light and balanced vehicle that has endured throughout the years, the aftermarket has found a solution for nearly every single problem imaginable with this automobile. Be it turbo kits, suspension packages, engine swap packages, and anything else you can dream up.

Volkswagen Golf

With the original GTI, Volkswagen invented the popular modern-day hatchback. It’s agility, performance, and sensibility have made it a hot seller and tuner favorite. The GTI helped to launch the European tuning subculture that’s still alive and kicking throughout the car world. Aftermarket parts dating back to its 1970 introduction and a nation full of VW Golf/GTI enthusiasts keep this car on the tuner hotlist.

BMW 335i (E90)

Surprised to see a mid-range BMW on the list? Don’t be. Remember, BMW is a pioneer in the area of turbocharged engines, having won the Formula 1 world championship in 1983 with an engine that could generate 1,000 horsepower. In the mid-2000s, BMW again made its mark with the turbocharged N54 straight-six engine under the hood of the 335i coupe. This engine is an absolute powerhouse that hits 300 horsepower without breaking a sweat. This makes the 335i an especially attractive option for tuners, who love to tinker under the hood to turn this vehicle in to an even meaner driving machine.

Taking on the project of modifying a vehicle takes patience and knowledge, as well as the right parts for the job! Therefore, look no further than AutohausAZ, an online resource of absolutely everything you could want or need to make your car into a personal masterpiece of machinery. Browse out our website now to view all of our products and to learn more about our exceptional customer service.