5 Tools Every DIY Car Nut Should Own

5 Tools Every DIY Car Nut Should Own

From saving you money and time to the enjoyment and confidence you feel driving your DIY project, there are several reasons why you may consider repairing a vehicle on your own without the help of an auto shop. Doing your own repairs is something every car nut needs to try and accomplish at least once.

Being able to take on these repairs starts not just with high-quality OE parts purchased from AutohausAZ, you also need to have the proper tools in your toolbox to get the job done. Here’s our list of five tools every DIY car nut should own:

1. Socket Set

Generally speaking, a socket set is the tool you’ll be using and need the most to work on your car. By owning a proper mechanics tool set from a top brand like DeWalt or Milwaukee, you’ll have a set that includes standard and metric sizes and 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and even 1/2-inch sockets and drivers. Depending on the type of car project you are taking on, extensions and thin-walled sockets could be useful.

2. Pliers and Wire cutters

There is no shortage of electrical projects for you to tackle when you are fixing your vehicle. Whether it be wiring new headlights or installing a new stereo, having a set of pliers and wire cutters handy is always beneficial. Here at AutohausAZ, we have the parts; you just need to have the tools.

3. Wrenches

One of the most invaluable additions to any toolbox is a set of wrenches. When it comes to dealing with cars you certainly want to make sure there are lug wrenches at the ready and it never hurts to have adjustable wrenches lying around.

4. Torque Wrench

Oftentimes, setting nuts to the proper torque can be overlooked by beginner mechanics. If you over-torque a nut, you could cause the bolt to shear off and make things more difficult when it comes to remove. By having a clicker-type torque wrench in your toolbox, you can make sure nuts are tightened to the proper settings.

5. Screwdrivers

A screwdriver set is not just useful for when you are fixing your car, but also helpful to have around the house and garage. However, as you work with your car, you’ll notice you need larger flatheads or even small screwdrivers. Try to buy a complete screwdriver set, so you have everything covered.

View our available car tools and accessories or to purchase the most affordable OE parts on the web today, shop with AutohausAZ before you do your next DIY car project.