A Look At Some Innovative New Ways to Buy And Sell A Car

A Look At Some Innovative New Ways to Buy And Sell A Car

Convenience is a key consideration for customers of AutohausAZ, and that’s why the most discriminating auto enthusiasts have been coming here for 40 years to get Mercedes parts and other genuine luxury auto parts at discount prices.

Believe it or not, things have changed so much in the auto industry since we started our business in 1979 that one day - maybe soon - it will be just as convenient to buy a car online as it is to order parts for that car.

Some of the newer advances in the auto ownership experience include Carvana, Swapalease.com, and vehicle subscription services. Let’s take a look at them.


Made famous by their gigantic “car vending machines,” Carvana is going for maximum convenience in buying a used car. You can complete the entire transaction, including financing, without vacating the groove in your couch. You don’t even have to leave the house to pick up your purchase; you can get it delivered the same way you’d order a pizza - in some cities, delivery is free! Picking up a car is simple, as well, and Carvana even subsidizes transportation if your car is located in a different city.

Carvana has received good reviews for its no-haggle customer experience, lack of a minimum credit requirement for buyers, and its quality control standards. On the flip side, those who prefer to actually see what they’re buying in person and negotiate on the price, traditional car shopping is still the way to go.


As the name suggests, Swapalease.com is a kind of online matchmaker for people currently leasing cars and people who are looking for favorable lease options. It has obvious allure for people feeling stuck in a lease agreement, offering them flexibility and freedom, and for people who don’t want a long-term leasing commitment.

The Swapalease process involves registering your lease in the company’s directory - for a fee. From there, interested parties all over the country can find and contact you to arrange a swap. Of course, that means you are subject to the whims of strangers, and if they lack good communication skills, the lease-swapping process could end up being a time-consuming hassle.

Subscription Services

We’d be remiss not to mention this growing trend, even though it does not involve car ownership. Car subscription services cater to people who find it more convenient and affordable not to own a car. That said, some car dealers and major automakers such as Cadillac and Porsche are experimenting with this innovative concept.

With a car subscription, you pay a monthly fee for the use of a car - including insurance - without a long-term commitment. Subscribers can switch cars, as needed.

As the marketplace moves toward more “mobility services” in some markets and away from vehicle ownership, speculation is that car dealers might be able to weather changes in the industry by facilitating the delivery and pickup of subscription vehicles.

However cars are bought, sold, leased, or utilized in the coming years, those cars will still need repairs, and AutohausAZ will still be a leading online destination for Porsche parts and other original equipment manufacturer parts at unbeatable prices. Browse through our website today and check out everything we have to offer.