Auto Air Conditioning: Common Problems and Replacement Parts

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Good climate control is essential for your vehicle if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride. The element responsible for ventilation and cooling is the auto air conditioning unit. With proper maintenance, the AC should provide long-term service. Here are some common auto AC problems and components to replace for better performance.


Before you perform repairs, you should flush your AC system to clear it of dirt and debris. Contamination might be the sole culprit of AC problems. Even if it's not, putting a new part in a clogged system will clog up the new part.

AC Leakage

The auto AC system cools the vehicle by using refrigerant, or freon, to eliminate the heat. The freon cycles through the AC system and does not run out, but it might leak out. Leaks occur due to wear and damage of the rubber seals, grommets and O-rings in your AC system. If you want to restore the performance of the unit, replace these degraded components with new ones.

Evaporator Failure

The evaporator is directly responsible for heat absorption during cooling. If the evaporator coils are damaged, replacement is the best option. Repair and reconditioning will normally be more expensive that new evaporator coils. Moreover, replacement yields reliable and longer service.

Compressor Problems

The compressor is designed to pump refrigerant around the AC system. If it fails, your entire system will probably stop working. In some cases, you might be able to repair the compressor if the problem is small like a broken service clutch. More often than not, compressor replacement is the best solution

Worn Belts

There are belts and pulleys in the air conditioning set-up, and these are connected to the engine. The belts can wear out over time, so you should check their status regularly and replace as necessary.

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