How to Change the Oil in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

How to Change the Oil in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Changing your Volkswagen’s oil is something you can do at home in under an hour, provided you have the proper tools and parts. While oil changes from the professionals are inexpensive, you can save yourself the money and the trip to the shop by doing it yourself. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can change the oil in your Volkswagen vehicle so that you can take your vehicle’s care into your own hands and never have to push off an oil change again.

Before you begin...

Tools You’ll Need to Change Your Oil:

You can find the type of oil and oil filter your Volkswagen needs in your owner's manual, or by calling the professionals toll-free at AutohausAZ at 1-800-240-4620. As the leading retailer of Volkswagen auto parts online, we can help you find the cheapest filter for your vehicle and give you expert advice for changing your oil.

Preparing to Change the Oil

Now that you've gathered your materials and tools, it’s time to raise your vehicle. Place your jack on the frame under the front of your car. For maximum safety, you should use jack stands in addition to your vehicle jack as they can significantly reduce the potential for injury from a falling car. You can also use drive-on ramps or a car lift if you or someone you know has one. You might also want to grab some rags to wipe off any oil you might get on you during the change.

Step 1: Find the Plug

With your vehicle in the air, locate the drain plug underneath the body. You’ll need your drip pan and wrench. Unscrew the plug and let the oil drain into the pan. Wait about ten minutes for the system to drain, then wipe any excess oil and put the plug back in.

Step 2: Remove Filter

The next step is to remove and replace your Volkswagen’s oil filter. You can use your owner’s manual to find this as well. Using an oil filter wrench, remove the old filter and dump the oil inside into the drip pan. Then, spread a thin layer of oil on the filter around the part that goes to the engine. This helps to create a seal. Finally, put the new filter on and go get your oil.

Step 3: Add Oil

When the old oil has been drained, the plug replaced, the old filter removed and the new one in place, it is time to fill your engine with oil. Add the recommended amount according to your vehicle manual, but still, use your dipstick to check the level of oil and fill until it reaches the full mark.

And that’s it!

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