Is the New Audi Q7 Part Lamborghini?

Is the New Audi Q7 Part Lamborghini?

Audi’s New Q7 model features a massive grille in the front, along with some flashy new LED lights on the front and rear end of the car. Additionally, an upgraded interactive display has been added to the dashboard, similar to the A6, A7, A8, and Q8.

But that’s not all they’ve done to up the Q7’s game!

The Q7 has inherited some high tech genetic traits from its relatives, the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. For instance, the Q7 now features an option for anti-roll suspension, which allows drivers to wrap around tight corners smoothly as the computerized system adapts the suspension. You will also notice the Urus’ rear-wheel steering on the Audi Q7, and perhaps best of all: This is a much greener Audi.

The Q7’s 48-volt electrical system helps the vehicles stop-start activate more quickly, and allows the car to coast — with the engine completely asleep — for as much as 40 seconds when driving under 99 mph. Rumor has it that we will even see a plug-in hybrid Q7 sometime in the near future. Luxury car junkies who love the planet as much as they love their rides will be pleased to hear this.

These developments are a bit ironic because many people feared that Audi was going to taint the Lamborghini’s unique persona with their German influence. However, it is actually Audis that are being influenced by the Lamborghinis. You won’t hear many Audi owners complain about this the way that Lamborghini aficionados groaned when they thought the reverse was going to happen.

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