Is this the End for the Volkswagen Golf in the US?

Is this the End for the Volkswagen Golf in the US?

This year marks the 40th anniversary for AutohausAZ, and as we celebrate our four decades as a leading online source for genuine Volkswagen Golf auto parts, it looks like we’re going to have to bid farewell to one of VW’s standard models here in the US market.

The Volkswagen Golf has been around longer than we have, having debuted in 1975 as the Volkswagen Rabbit. We’ve seen the popular compact hatchback evolve through seven generations, but recent headlines suggest that we won’t be making it to an eighth, as VW is reportedly deciding to discontinue the base Golf model and the Golf SportWagen in the US as of 2020.

Speculation is that a lack of sales led to Volkswagen’s decision.

The Golf Mk8 will still be available overseas and in Canada, but here, only the Golf R and GTI models look like they’re here to stay. Both the GTI and the R are, to differing degrees, revved-up, higher-performance versions of the base Golf - and they cost quite a bit more. Thus, the end of the Golf is sad news for budget-conscious American drivers who appreciated the Golf’s compact design and superior efficiency all wrapped in an affordable package.

The Golf is a highly-decorated car, as well. It was named World Car of the Year twice, in 2009 and 2013, and also picked up two European Car of the Year awards in 1992 and 2013. It has been a favorite of Car and Driver Magazine, which frequently included the VW Golf line on its “10 Best” list, including in 2019.

The silver lining in this news for Volkswagen devotees, of course, is that the Golf GTI and Golf R models are still really great cars. The GTI has been hailed as a near-perfect model for its blend of performance (228 horsepower in the 2019 model) and sleek style. It’s also relatively affordable, with a starting price of about $28,000, a little more than half the cost of the Golf R (288 horsepower).

If you’re in the market for a hot-looking compact car, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Volkswagen Golf models. If you currently own a base model Golf, it’s as important as ever to keep it in great condition, and AutohausAZ has the best selection of authentic VW Golf parts you’ll find anywhere online. Contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for; we want to help you keep your Golf going strong!