The 3 Safest Cars in the World Are All Teslas — Here’s Why

The 3 Safest Cars in the World Are All Teslas — Here’s Why

Believe it or not, the safest way to drive a car is to let the car drive itself.

On average, human-controlled passenger vehicles get into one car accident per 436,000 miles driven. Tesla vehicles running on autopilot average about one car accident for every 2.7 million miles on the road. But the innovative autopilot feature isn’t the only reason why Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, and Model X are respectively the three safest cars on the planet. Avoiding car accidents is a no-brainer safety measure, but what happens to Tesla cars (and their passengers) when an unavoidable accident occurs?

Batteries Are Better than Gasoline

You bet they are. Tesla’s electric drivetrains are one of the biggest reasons why they are the safest cars known to mankind. Without an engine in the front or a gas tank in the back, Teslas have exceptionally large front and rear crumple zones, which means more impact can be absorbed in the event of an accident. Additionally, the fact that a Tesla car’s battery is floor-mounted means the car is easier to handle and harder to roll over than gas-powered cars.

Breaking Down the Glass Roof

A glass roof on a car might sound like the perfect recipe for a rolling death trap, but they are actually one of the main reasons why Teslas have the world’s highest safety ratings. Most cars have a flimsy piece of sheet metal on the roof, which provides very little protection in the event of a roll-over car accident. The glass used in Tesla roofs is just like a windshield: Double-layered and laminated with thermoplastic. This design is much safer than traditional metal roofs.

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