The New Saab Gearbox

The New Saab Gearbox

Saab Gearbox Parts has a well-established reputation for developing specialty Saab parts, and now is introducing its new type 8,8 gearbox for the Saab 99-900 primary. Saab developed it as a companion to the 8,5 primary, and although the 8,8 has specifications that are similar to the 8,5, the 8,8’s gear ratio is higher. This lower RPM rate gives any Saab with an 8,8 a more modern feel, with more comfort for passengers and a lower level of noise inside the cabin.

You can expect improved acceleration at a lower RPM rate compared to the 8,5. You won’t have to do as much shifting to reach a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph); this speed can easily be reached in second gear.

The 8,8 gearbox is strengthened by a modified tensioner that decreases torque on the gearset. Too much torque can lead to gearbox damage; decreasing torque without sacrificing power is one of the areas in which gearbox engineers are continually striving to improve their designs, so the 8,8 is a huge step forward. The 8,8 gearboxes also come with reinforced iwis chains, an integral component of their engineering.

Less effort in acceleration means lower fuel consumption, which will save you money at the petrol pump and also decrease your car’s fuel emissions. For every 10 km (6 miles) of driving, you’ll be using up to 2 DL (.05 gal.) less than you would with an 8,5. That may not sound like much, but it will add up over the hundreds of thousands of miles you’ll be driving in your Saab.

The strength of any gearbox, including a new 8,8, can vary based on the viscosity of the car’s oil, as well as the vehicle’s other components. For example, it will improve with a functioning oil cooler or oil filtration system.

The 8,8 gearbox is the latest and greatest in Saab transmission technology, but that’s only one aspect of your Saab’s performance. For example, you might need an exhaust upgrade for your Saab 9-3, or other Saab 9-3 parts. For genuine Saab parts, shop at AutohausAZ.