What makes Zimmermann special?

What makes Zimmermann special?

When you're selecting what disc brake rotors to buy, it may be difficult to know what the difference is between any two brands. Here are a few basic facts about Zimmermann rotors that might make it easier to choose next time you're shopping.

German Quality

As a manufacturer of safety parts Zimmermann is aware of the responsibilities that come with being a leader in the industry and give precedence to product quality. All the brake discs and brake drums in their standard range of wearing parts are manufactured in Germany with dimensions and material quality specified by the automotive manufacturers. Furthermore, their assurance of quality is unsurpassed and even meets German production requirements of Quality Management Systems.

Zimmermann Coat Z

Since 2008 Zimmermann has been offering most brake discs in a coated version named "Coat Z – anti corrosion". Coat Z eliminates the formation of rust at the hub which not only maintains the preformance of your braking but keeps them looking like brand new.

Are Your Brakes or Rotors Wearing Out?

There are many signs of your pads and rotors being worn out. The most common sign is noise. Usually the squealing noise indicates a warped rotor while a grinding noise indicates severe wear and tear. However, the squealing or squeaking sounds can also indicate brake pads being severely worn. Another symptom of bad brake rotors is excessive vibration or pulsation when braking. There are also visual signs like grooves or score marks on the rotor itself.

If you have any of these symptoms considering upgrading to Zimmermann at your trusted online auto retailer, AutohausAZ.

Tips To Extend The Life of Your Rotors

To receive a full life out of the rotors and to avoid premature warpage, please make sure to check the following: