7090 NGK Spark Plug; G-Power Spark Plug
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NGK Spark Plug; G-Power Spark Plug

P/N: 7090 NGK
Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Ford, Geo, Honda, Hyundai & more
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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
All parts are priced individually unless identified as a set or kit. "Per car" notes identify how many of a given part your car has and "Left/Right or Front/Rear" notes means the part fits the left or right side of the car. These parts are still sold individually and you'll need to select the appropriate quantity if you plan to replace more than one of this item.

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What This NGK Spark Plug Fits?

Application information below is for reference only and should not be used to determine the exact vehicle fitment. Please use the "Make Sure It Fits" vehicle selection box above to determine the exact fitment and review any application notes. If you need any help determining if this part works with your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MY96-04 - RL Base, Premium, SE
MY96-99 - SLX Base, Premium
MY95-98 - TL Base, Premium
MY92-94 - Vigor GS, LS
MY97-01 - Catera Base, Sport
MY01-04 - Tracker ZR2
MY01-04 - Tracker 4WD 4WD, LT 4WD
MY01-04 - Tracker RWD LT RWD, RWD
MY95-00 - Cirrus LX, LXi
MY95-00 - Sebring JX, JXi, LX, LXi
MY01-05 - Sebring FWD, LX
Engine VIN: G
MY95-00 - Avenger Base, ES
MY93-94 - Colt Base, ES, GL
MY95-00 - Stratus ES
MY92-96 - Summit Base, DL, ES, ESi, LX
MY92-92 - Summit 4WD 4WD
MY92-92 - Summit FWD FWD
MY93-95 - Taurus SHO
MY02-05 - Thunderbird Base, 50th Anniversary Edition, Pacific Coast Roadster
MY89-97 - Prizm Base, GSi, LSi
MY97-02 - Passport 4WD EX 4WD, LX 4WD
MY97-02 - Passport RWD EX RWD, LX RWD
MY95-11 - Accent Base, Blue, GL, GLS, GS & more
MY07-11 - Azera GLS
MY96-12 - Elantra Base, GL, GLS, GT, Limited & more
MY09-10 - Elantra Blue, GLS, SE, Touring, Touring GLS & more
Engine VIN: E
MY05-05 - Santa Fe
MY01-06 - Santa Fe 4WD GL 4WD, GLS 4WD, Limited 4WD, LX 4WD
MY07-09 - Santa Fe AWD Limited AWD, SE AWD
MY01-09 - Santa Fe FWD GL FWD, GLS FWD, Limited FWD, LX FWD, SE FWD
MY93-95 - Scoupe Base, LS
MY99-10 - Sonata GL, GLS, Limited, LX, SE
MY97-08 - Tiburon Base, FX, GS, GT, GT Limited & more
MY08-09 - Tucson GLS
MY05-09 - Tucson 4WD GL 4WD, GLS 4WD, Limited 4WD, LX 4WD, SE 4WD
MY05-09 - Tucson FWD GL FWD, GLS FWD, Limited FWD, LX FWD, SE FWD
MY01-01 - XG300 Base, L
MY02-05 - XG350 Base, L
MY99-02 - G20 Base, T
MY96-01 - I30 Base, T
MY93-97 - J30 Base, T
MY90-01 - Q45 Base, A, Anniversary Edition, T
MY97-00 - QX4
MY98-00 - Amigo 4WD S 4WD
MY98-00 - Amigo RWD S RWD
MY02-03 - Axiom 4WD 4WD, XS 4WD
MY02-03 - Axiom RWD RWD, XS RWD
MY96-02 - Rodeo 4WD LS 4WD, LSE 4WD, S 4WD, S V6 4WD
MY96-02 - Rodeo RWD LS RWD, LSE RWD, S RWD, S V6 RWD
MY01-02 - Rodeo Sport S
MY01-02 - Rodeo Sport 4WD S V6 4WD
MY01-02 - Rodeo Sport RWD S V6 RWD
MY96-99 - Trooper LS, Ltd, S, SE
MY00-02 - Trooper 4WD Limited 4WD, LS 4WD, S 4WD
MY00-02 - Trooper RWD Limited RWD, LS RWD, S RWD
MY99-01 - VehiCROSS
MY04-06 - Amanti
MY01-08 - Optima EX, LX, SE
MY06-06 - Optima EX FWD, LX FWD
Engine VIN: 3
MY06-06 - Optima EX, LX
Engine VIN: 8
MY06-11 - Rio Base, LX, SX
MY06-11 - Rio5 LX, SX
MY07-08 - Rondo EX, LX
MY02-05 - Sedona EX, LX
MY95-97 - Sephia GS, LS, RS
MY95-95 - Sephia GS, LS, RS
Engine VIN: 3
MY08-09 - Sorento
MY03-09 - Sorento 4WD EX 4WD, LX 4WD
MY03-09 - Sorento RWD EX RWD, LX RWD
MY04-07 - Spectra EX, LX, SX
MY05-07 - Spectra5 Base, SX
MY95-95 - Sportage EX
Engine VIN: 1
MY95-95 - Sportage 4WD 4WD
Engine VIN: 1
MY05-10 - Sportage AWD EX AWD, LX AWD
MY05-10 - Sportage FWD EX FWD, LX FWD
MY95-95 - Sportage RWD RWD
Engine VIN: 1
MY94-00 - GS300
MY96-97 - LX450
MY92-00 - SC300
MY94-94 - SC300
From Prod. Date 01/1994
MY00-06 - LS Base, LSE, Sport, Ultimate
MY11-14 - 2 Sport, Touring
MY93-02 - 626 DX, ES, LX
MY94-95 - 929
MY94-05 - Miata Base, 10th Anniversary, LS, M Edition, Mazdaspeed & more
MY96-96 - MPV DX
MY96-98 - MPV 4WD ES 4WD, LX 4WD
MY92-95 - MX-3 Base, GS, SE
MY93-97 - MX-6
MY91-03 - Protege 4WD, DX, ES, LX, MP3
MY90-94 - Protege Base, 4WD, DX, LX, SE
MY02-03 - Protege5
MY93-02 - Villager Base, Estate, GS, LS, Nautica & more
MY97-02 - Diamante Base, ES, LS, VR-X
MY96-05 - Eclipse GS, GT, RS, Spyder GS, Spyder GT
MY93-95 - Expo AWD AWD, SP AWD
MY93-95 - Expo FWD FWD, SP FWD
MY92-94 - Expo LRV Base, Sport
MY92-93 - Expo LRV AWD AWD, Sport AWD
MY92-93 - Expo LRV FWD FWD, Sport FWD
MY93-03 - Galant DE, ES, GTZ, LS, S
MY92-92 - Galant Base, GS, GSR, GSX, LS & more
Engine VIN: V
MY94-94 - Galant ES, GS, LS, S
MY02-10 - Lancer ES, GTS, GTS Sportback, LS, OZ Rally & more
MY93-02 - Mirage DE, ES, LS
MY94-02 - Montero Base, Limited, LS, SR, XLS
MY97-00 - Montero Sport ES
MY99-04 - Montero Sport 4WD ES 4WD, Limited 4WD, LS 4WD, XLS 4WD, XS 4WD
MY99-04 - Montero Sport RWD ES RWD, Limited RWD, LS RWD, XLS RWD, XS RWD
MY11-11 - Outlander ES
MY03-11 - Outlander AWD ES AWD, LS AWD, SE AWD, XLS AWD
MY03-11 - Outlander FWD ES FWD, LS FWD, SE FWD, XLS FWD
MY91-98 - 240SX Base, LE, SE
MY90-96 - 300ZX Base, 2+2
MY93-01 - Altima GLE, GXE, SE, XE
MY98-03 - Frontier
MY98-04 - Frontier 4WD SE 4WD, XE 4WD
MY98-04 - Frontier RWD SE RWD, XE RWD
MY92-01 - Maxima GLE, GXE, SE, SE 20th Anniversary Edition
MY91-93 - NX SE, XE
MY96-99 - Pathfinder SE
MY96-00 - Pathfinder 4WD LE 4WD, SE 4WD, XE 4WD
MY96-00 - Pathfinder RWD LE RWD, SE RWD, XE RWD
MY93-02 - Quest GLE, GXE, SE, XE
MY91-01 - Sentra Base, E, GLE, GXE, Limited Edition & more
MY92-92 - Sentra E, GXE, SE, XE
Engine VIN: E
MY00-04 - Xterra 4WD SE 4WD, XE 4WD
MY00-04 - Xterra RWD SE RWD, XE RWD
MY93-94 - Colt Base, GL, Vista SE
MY93-94 - Colt AWD Vista AWD
MY93-94 - Colt FWD Vista FWD
MY07-08 - Vibe
MY03-06 - Vibe AWD AWD
MY03-06 - Vibe FWD FWD
MY01-05 - L300
MY00-00 - LS2
MY00-00 - LW2
MY01-03 - LW300
MY91-92 - SC
MY93-02 - SC2
Engine VIN: 7
MY91-02 - SL2
Engine VIN: 7
MY00-01 - SW2
MY93-99 - SW2
Engine VIN: 7
MY02-03 - Vue AWD AWD
MY02-03 - Vue FWD FWD
MY04-06 - xA
MY04-06 - xB
MY12-13 - xB
From Prod. Date 2012-06
MY03-06 - Baja Base, Sport
MY98-10 - Forester Base, L, S, Sports 2.5 X, X & more
MY95-11 - Impreza 2.5i, 2.5i Premium, Brighton, L, LX & more
MY95-95 - Impreza AWD L AWD
MY95-95 - Impreza FWD L FWD
MY95-09 - Legacy Base, 2.5i, 2.5i Limited, 2.5i Special Edition, Brighton & more
MY95-96 - Legacy AWD L AWD
MY95-96 - Legacy FWD L FWD
MY00-09 - Outback Base, 2.5i, 2.5i Basic, 2.5i L.L. Bean Edition, 2.5i Limited & more
MY02-05 - Aerio GS, S, SX
MY03-07 - Aerio AWD AWD, GS AWD, LX AWD, Premium AWD, SX AWD & more
MY03-07 - Aerio FWD FWD, GS FWD, LX FWD, Premium FWD, SX FWD & more
MY00-02 - Grand Vitara JLS, JLS Plus, JLS Plus SE, JLX, JLX Plus & more
MY00-05 - Grand Vitara 4WD 4WD, EX 4WD, Limited 4WD, LX 4WD
MY00-05 - Grand Vitara RWD EX RWD, Limited RWD, LX RWD, RWD
MY00-02 - Vitara JLS, JLX, JS, JX
MY03-04 - Vitara 4WD 4WD, LX 4WD
MY03-04 - Vitara RWD LX RWD, RWD
MY89-96 - 4Runner DLX, Limited, SR5
MY90-02 - 4Runner 4WD 4WD, Limited 4WD, SR5 4WD
MY00-00 - 4Runner 4WD 4WD
MY90-02 - 4Runner RWD Limited RWD, RWD, SR5 RWD
MY00-00 - 4Runner RWD RWD
MY90-05 - Celica GT, GTS, ST
MY93-08 - Corolla Base, CE, DX, LE, S & more
MY00-05 - Echo
MY93-97 - Land Cruiser
MY07-08 - Matrix Base, XR
MY03-13 - Matrix AWD AWD, S AWD, XR AWD
MY12-12 - Matrix AWD S AWD
From Prod. Date 06-2012
MY03-13 - Matrix FWD FWD, S FWD, XR FWD
MY12-12 - Matrix FWD S FWD
From Prod. Date 06-2012
MY91-91 - MR2
MY00-05 - MR2 Spyder
MY92-98 - Paseo Base, Convertible
MY95-95 - Paseo
DOHC; California
DOHC; Non-California
MY93-93 - Pickup
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