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DIY: Painting Your Car - AAZ Blog

Have you ever looked at your car and wished that it was a different color? It’s okay — we’ve all been there, and we’ve all wished that at some point. The problem is, repainting your car can be expensive and time-consuming. It’ll always be time-consuming, but what if it weren’t as expensive? What if you could paint your car yourself? Well, you can. At least, we think you can. Here is a DIY guide to painting your car all on your own, brought to you by our team at AutohausAZ.

What do I need to paint my car?

Painting your car requires quite a few materials. Ideally, the first thing you need is somewhere away from the elements for you to paint. A shed or garage would be great, and preferably one that is away from the elements or trees, so droppings or seed pods don’t end up getting stuck under the paint. The rest of the things you need are as follows:

How should I prepare for painting?

Clean. Make sure the car is cleaned and the surface of it has no residue or buildup on it. Make sure the area you are working in is clean as well, ensuring that nothing can interfere or get stuck on the fresh paint. Repeat these general cleaning procedures between every step of this process.


Before you paint, you’re going to need to strip your car of the paint that it has on it already. You should, ideally, sand the car down to bare metal. This will provide for the best finish at the end of the painting process. The biggest focus for this step is making sure that the finish is smooth and even. Smoothing out rough parts can be easily done with the 2,000-grit wet-dry sandpaper you already purchased.

How do I paint my car?

If you’ve never painted a car before (or anything for that matter), you’re going to want to practice putting even coats of paint on scrap metal. Keep an eye out for where there might be runs in the paint. Make sure to spray only as you’re moving the spray gun across the metal. Once you’ve stopped moving, you should stop spraying as well.


Priming your car will take a couple of hours. Mix the primer with the paint thinner, and begin putting the first layer of paint on your car. Focus on putting an even coat across the whole car; do this two to three times. Allow about 45 minutes to an hour between sessions for the paint to dry. Once it’s done drying, apply the next primer layer.

The primer will need to be sanded down with the 2,000-grit sanding paper before moving on to topcoat painting. Remove any dust from the primer coat before continuing.

Topcoat Painting

The topcoat is similar to the primer coat, only these coats are what you will see when the process is all over. Mix the paint you have chosen with the appropriate amount of thinner and begin applying with the same method as the primer coats. Waiting 45 minutes to an hour between layers is ideal, once again.

For the topcoat, you’re going to wait three or four layers. Once you’ve applied the right amount of layers, clean any areas of the paint that look like they need to be smoothed out with 2,000-grit sandpaper. Wipe the paint down, and prepare the car for the clear-coat lacquer.

Clear-Coat Lacquer

Doing the clear-coat is the same process, and only should require one or two layers, depending on personal preference. Once again, after this layer drys, you can sand any imperfections away with 2,000-grit wet-dry sandpaper. After this is all done, buff the paint with your buffer.

That’s How You Do It!

And there you are folks — you’ve painted your own car. With a little bit of practice and a keen eye, painting your own car is an attainable feat for anyone who wants to spruce up their car’s aesthetic.

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